AcEDemy: A Professional and Experienced Editor

At its core, AcEDemy is founded on two principles: providing professionalism and quality. I am a well-educated, well-read, experienced editor who provides top-notch proofreading and copy-editing services both in the field of academia and beyond.

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Why choose me as your editor?

There are several aspects to my business that set me apart from other companies and individuals offering editing and proofreading:

  1. Me! AcEDemy offers a tailored, personal service to all clients. You know exactly who will be editing or proofreading your material. I don’t have a pool of editors to whom I allocate work; I think it’s important that you know exactly who is working on your text, and their credentials.
  2. Bespoke, clear pricing. I assess each project individually based on your sample. I don’t have a flat fee for editing/proofreading, because each project is different and the fee must depend upon the state of the material. I certainly don’t believe in quoting or taking money for a project before I even take a look at it.
  3. Constructive, respectful and supportive editing. I am not an over-zealous, red-pen-wielding, fusty grammarian. My job isn’t to pull your writing to shreds, but to be sensitive to your individual style while ensuring the text is accurate, consistent, clear, and reads well (and particularly in the case of academic writing, meets the style guidelines you are working towards).
  4. A strong code of ethics. Whilst working on academic texts, I will NOT agree to write, or rewrite, your work for you – not ever. This is both against the rules of academic establishments, and it also ensures that no accusation of plagiarism or collusion can be levelled at you for working with me.

Meet the Editor – Dr Angela Stokes


I have a BSc in Applied Biological Sciences, a PhD in Cancer Research, and more than ten years’ experience of academic and laboratory-based research. I am the published author of several scientific manuscripts and I have several years of experience as a scientific advisor to the research grants committee of a regional cancer research charity. I have a passion for science communication, and regularly get involved in public science events to promote greater scientific literacy. I have a formal teaching qualification, and have taught science to everyone from pre-schoolers to hospital consultants.

Through AcEDemy and other work, I have spent many years editing and proofreading theses, dissertations, papers, posters, presentations, grant applications and manuscripts of all types for researchers, academics and students from undergraduate to postgraduate level. I enjoy working on academic texts in a wide range of fields, from biophysics to history, law to economics, biology to psychology.

Whilst my academic background obviously led me to initially specialise in academic editing and proofreading, I am an avid reader and over the last eight years I have been increasingly working in the creative writing field too – critiquing, editing and proofreading fiction and non-fiction works for a variety of authors. There are also many academics, like myself, who also write creatively and after working together on their journal submissions often ask me to take a look at their fiction works too. And there are many authors who just appreciate my friendly, respectful and supportive editing service. I really enjoy working on non-academic texts and it all adds to the variety that makes my job interesting and fun.

I live in Kent, UK, with my fiction writer husband and two children. Between proofreading, editing, science communication and baking, I also work on my own creative writing adventures.

Next Steps...

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