AcEDemy's Fiction and Non-fiction Editing Services

Whether writing fiction or non-fiction, even the best authors need an editor to help get their text to a publishable standard.

As a writer myself, I am aware of how precious our work is to us and how difficult it can be to allow any kind of critique – at AcEDemy I am sensitive and supportive to the needs of writers, offering several services specifically designed to help you in the process of taking your first draft through to a polished text.

On this page you will find out about AcEDemy’s fiction and non-fiction services: the book critique, copy-editing and proofreading.

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Book review – Is my book any good and what should I do next?

So you’ve written your book and you want others to read it, but is everyone you know going to give you the constructive feedback you need to move forward with the book? Will they pick up any inconsistencies or give you an honest opinion on the plot or the characters?

With an AcEDemy book review, I will read your book and provide you with a detailed report of my recommendations on how you could proceed with developing it. This is a great preliminary way to get an idea of the level of work needed to move forward with the book.

Copy-edit – Improving the text

You’ve written your book to the best of your ability, a copy-edit will then ensure that it reads well from a technical/language point of view.

Copy-editing is my recommended minimum (it is a standard for almost any form of publishing), and is a step up from the more basic proofreading (below). Copy-editing incorporates proofreading – ensuring accuracy and consistency in the language – but also looks to provide clarity and decent readability. For example, my copy-editing service looks at areas such as: capitalisation, splitting up long sentences and paragraphs, advising on choice of vocabulary, avoiding repetition, identifying vague or contradictory text, and improving use of punctuation and logical flow.

In addition to this, whilst I will not rewrite or restructure your book, I can provide comments and suggestions on areas for further work (this light development addition to my copy-editing service is only for non-academic texts).

Free sample

I offer a free 500-word copy-edit from an extract of your working text; this is to give you an idea of how I can help you. If you would like a sample edit, please get in touch.

Proofread – Polishing your text

Ideally, proofreading is one of the final stages of the publishing process, following on from the changes recommended in a thorough copy-edit. However, if you are sufficiently confident in your writing ability, you may choose to skip the copy-editing stage in the editorial process and go straight to proofreading. Be aware, in this case, that whilst proofreading ensures the final text is accurate and consistent in terms of language, it does not guarantee a good writing style, and I would strongly recommend a copy-edit in most cases.

Proofreading does, however, give you peace of mind that your text is consistent and error-free – no embarrassing typo, no forgotten apostrophe etc. Proofreading focuses on two key areas only: accuracy (correcting errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar) and consistency in style (capitalisation, italicisation, hyphenation, punctuation and spelling).

Please note that proofreading does not improve the writing style in any way – it simply corrects mistakes and inconsistencies. Improving the text comes under copy-editing.

Free sample

I offer a free 500-word copy-edit or proofread from an extract of your working text; this is to give you an idea of how I can help you. If you would like a sample edit, please get in touch.

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