I am thrilled that you are interested in working with AcEDemy. Please take some time to read through my terms and conditions of work that are detailed below.

If you have any questions about these terms and conditions, or any aspect about working with AcEDemy, then please also see the Frequently Asked Questions page and/or contact me at: info@acedemy.co.uk.

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AcEDemy's Terms and Conditions

Clients must agree to the following terms and conditions before I commence work on a project:


Deadlines will be agreed before the project commences. I reserve the right to alter the deadline if the brief changes and in the event that the client fails to meet agreed deadlines in the course of the project.


All services are performed in line with the service descriptions provided on the website: https://www.acedemy.co.uk. You will receive a free sample edit on your own text.

In commissioning me to proofread or copy-edit, you are agreeing that I will carry out the service according to the definitions I provide at: https://www.acedemy.co.uk.

My proofreading and editing services involve checking the material once only. I am then happy to answer queries. Should you wish me to look at the document a second time, this will incur further costs.


I accept no liability for ensuring that your work is not plagiarised.

I do not go beyond straightforward copy-editing in my academic editing service; however, it is entirely the client’s responsibility to ensure that my services have not breached the plagiarism rules of a body/institute/university to which they are expected to comply.


Any subsequent changes to the agreed brief and deadlines, once the project has started, could incur additional fees.

Costs agreed at the start of a project are not negotiable at a later stage: the client has no right to reduce or refuse agreed payment based on my style of work or interpretation of the brief.

Should the client decide to terminate the project before completion, I will invoice the full project fee subject to the usual payment terms.


For UK clients, project fees up to and including £200 are payable in full in advance. Where a project fee exceeds £200, a project agreement will be written. With this agreement in place, half of the fee will be payable upfront as security and the remainder will be payable within 14 days of the client receiving the edited file.

For non-UK clients, all projects fees are payable in full in advance.


Invoices are payable within 14 days by cheque, direct bank transfer or PayPal. I do not accept cash paid in at a bank branch.

Clients paying by PayPal are liable for the PayPal charge on the transaction.

Clients from outside the UK must pay in pounds sterling, factoring in any cross-currency transfer and international payment fees.

Late payments

Under the terms of the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998, I reserve the right to charge interest and compensation should payment exceed 14 days.

Should an invoice remain outstanding after 14 days, I reserve the right to refuse to undertake any further work, including work in progress, until all outstanding invoices are paid.

I take non-payment of invoices very seriously and will instigate legal proceedings and instruct debt recovery agents where necessary.

Changes to the terms and conditions

I reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions, with notice to the client.


Next Steps...

If you have any questions about AcEDemy or if you would like a quote for your project, then please email: info@acedemy.co.uk.